Migration notes

Migration and deprecation notes for cihai-cli are here, see Changelog as well.

Welcome on board! 👋

  1. 📌 For safety, always pin the package

  2. 📖 Check the migration notes (You are here)

  3. 📣 If you feel something got deprecated and it interrupted you - past, present, or future - voice your opinion on the tracker.

    We want to make cihai-cli fun, reliable, and useful for users.

    API changes can be painful.

    If we can do something to draw the string, we’ll do it. We’re taking a balanced approach. That’s why these notes are here!

    (Please pin the package. 🙏)

Next release

Notes on the upcoming release will be added here

cihai-cli 0.15.0 (2022-10-09)

Completions have changed (#286)

Completions now use a different tool: shtab. See the completions page for more information.

If you were using earlier versions of cihai-cli (earlier than 0.15.0), you may need to uninstall the old completions, first.