cihai-cli - Command line interface to the cihai CJK-language library

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This project is under active development. Follow our progress and check back for updates!


$ pip install --user cihai[cli]

Character lookup

See CLI in the documentation for full usage information.

$ cihai info 好
char: 好
kCantonese: hou2 hou3
kDefinition: good, excellent, fine; well
kHangul: 호
kJapaneseOn: KOU
kKorean: HO
kMandarin: hǎo
kTang: '*xɑ̀u *xɑ̌u'
kTotalStrokes: '6'
ucn: U+597D

# retrieve all character information (including book indices)
$ cihai info 好 -a
char: 好
kCangjie: VND
kCantonese: hou2 hou3
kCihaiT: '378.103'
kDefinition: good, excellent, fine; well
kFenn: 552A
kFourCornerCode: '4744.7'
kFrequency: '1'
kGradeLevel: '1'
kHKGlyph: 0871
kHangul: 호
kHanyuPinlu: hǎo(6060) hāo(142) hào(115)
kHanyuPinyin: 21028.010:hǎo,hào
kJapaneseOn: KOU
kKorean: HO
kMandarin: hǎo
kPhonetic: '481'
kRSAdobe_Japan1_6: C+1975+38.3.3 C+1975+39.3.3
kRSKangXi: '38.3'
kTang: '*xɑ̀u *xɑ̌u'
kTotalStrokes: '6'
kVietnamese: háo
kXHC1983: 0445.030:hǎo 0448.030:hào
ucn: U+597D

Reverse lookup

$ cihai reverse library
char: 圕
kCantonese: syu1
kDefinition: library
kMandarin: tú
kTotalStrokes: '13'
ucn: U+5715
char: 嫏
kCantonese: long4
kDefinition: the place where the supreme stores his books; library
kJapaneseOn: ROU
kMandarin: láng
kTotalStrokes: '11'
ucn: U+5ACF


poetry is a required package to develop.

git clone

cd cihai-cli

poetry install -E "docs test coverage lint format"

Makefile commands prefixed with watch_ will watch files and rerun.


poetry run py.test

Helpers: make test Rerun tests on file change: make watch_test (requires entr(1))


Default preview server: http://localhost:8037

cd docs/ and make html to build. make serve to start http server.

Helpers: make build_docs, make serve_docs

Rebuild docs on file change: make watch_docs (requires entr(1))

Rebuild docs and run server via one terminal: make dev_docs (requires above, and a make(1) with -J support, e.g. GNU Make)

Formatting / Linting

The project uses black and isort (one after the other) and runs flake8 via CI. See the configuration in pyproject.toml and `setup.cfg`:

make black isort: Run black first, then isort to handle import nuances make flake8, to watch (requires entr(1)): make watch_flake8


As of 0.6, poetry handles virtualenv creation, package requirements, versioning, building, and publishing. Therefore there is no or requirements files.

Update __version__ in and `pyproject.toml`:

git commit -m 'build(cihai-cli): Tag v0.1.1'
git tag v0.1.1
git push
git push --tags
poetry build
poetry deploy